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Zone 2 Background

Wintermarsh is the second questing zone. It contains the dungeons:

3star Yeti's Tundra         3star Gemm's Cell
3star Blubber's Gutter     1star     Deathmarsh[1]


All equipment dropped in Wintermarsh can be obtained from any flag or dungeon in Wintermarsh.


Show/Hide Mage set
MainhandStaffMage Wooden Staff Staff UIPower5(+2) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility3(+0)
OffhandOrbMage Mystic Orb Offhand UIPower5(+2) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility3(+0)
HeadMage Mage Hood Head UIPower5(+2) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility3(+0)
BodyMage Mage Robes Body UIPower5(+2) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility3(+0)
Show/Hide Eastmarch set
MainhandSwordEastmarch Broadsword Sword UIPower3(+0) UIStamina5(+2) UIAgility2(+1)
OffhandShieldEastmarch Kite Shield Offhand UIPower3(+0) UIStamina5(+2) UIAgility2(+1)
HeadEastmarch Eastmarch Helm Head UIPower3(+0) UIStamina5(+2) UIAgility2(+1)
BodyEastmarch Eastmarch Armor Body UIPower3(+0) UIStamina5(+2) UIAgility2(+1)
Show/Hide Adventurer set
MainhandSwordAdventurer Long Sword Sword UIPower2(+1) UIStamina3(+0) UIAgility5(+2)
OffhandShieldAdventurer Crestguard Offhand UIPower2(+1) UIStamina3(+0) UIAgility5(+2)
HeadAdventurer Adventurer Hood Head UIPower2(+1) UIStamina3(+0) UIAgility5(+2)
BodyAdventurer Adventurer Robes Body UIPower2(+1) UIStamina3(+0) UIAgility5(+2)
Show/Hide Cultist set
MainhandStaffCultist Ash Staff UIPower8(+3,+4) UIStamina4(+1,+1) UIAgility4(+1,+1)
OffhandOrbCultist Dark Matter Offhand UIPower8(+3,+4) UIStamina4(+1,+1) UIAgility4(+1,+1)
HeadCultist Cultist Hood Head UIPower8(+3,+4) UIStamina4(+1,+1) UIAgility4(+1,+1)
BodyCultist Cultist Robes Body UIPower8(+3,+4) UIStamina4(+1,+1) UIAgility4(+1,+1)
Show/Hide Captain set
MainhandSkewerCaptainKnight Pigsticker Spear UIPower4(+1,+1) UIStamina8(+3,+4) UIAgility4(+1,+1)
OffhandShieldCaptainKnight Soldiers Ward Offhand UIPower4(+1,+1) UIStamina8(+3,+4) UIAgility4(+1,+1)
HeadCaptainKnight Helm of Valiance Head UIPower4(+1,+1) UIStamina8(+3,+4) UIAgility4(+1,+1)
BodyCaptainKnight Champion Cuirass Body UIPower4(+1,+1) UIStamina8(+3,+4) UIAgility4(+1,+1)
Show/Hide Viking set
MainhandAxeViking Malice Axe UIPower4(+1,+1) UIStamina4(+1,+1) UIAgility8(+3,+4)
OffhandShieldViking Huskarl Offhand UIPower4(+1,+1) UIStamina4(+1,+1) UIAgility8(+3,+4)
HeadViking Nordic Headguard Head UIPower4(+1,+1) UIStamina4(+1,+1) UIAgility8(+3,+4)
BodyViking Nordic Mail Body UIPower4(+1,+1) UIStamina4(+1,+1) UIAgility8(+3,+4)
Show/Hide Paladin set
MainhandFlailPaladin Faith's Foe* Axe UIPower8(+7,+6,+5) UIStamina7(+0,+1,+1) UIAgility7(+0,+1,+1)
OffhandShieldPaladin Stormshield* Offhand UIPower7(+8,+6,+5) UIStamina7(+0,+1,+1) UIAgility8(-1,+1,+1)
HeadPaladin Paladin Helm* Head UIPower7(+8,+6,+5) UIStamina8(-1,+1,+1) UIAgility7(+0,+1,+1)
BodyPaladin Paladin Ward* Body UIPower7(+8,+6,+5) UIStamina8(-1,+1,+1) UIAgility7(+0,+1,+1)


Shop equipment are bought from the gem shop using gems.

Show/Hide Elite Knight set
MainhandSwordEliteKnight Steel Sword Sword UIPower5 UIStamina4 UIAgility4
OffhandShieldEliteKnight Oakenshield Offhand UIPower4 UIStamina4 UIAgility5
HeadEliteKnight Elite Knight Helm Head UIPower4 UIStamina5 UIAgility4
BodyEliteKnight Elite Knight Armor Body UIPower4 UIStamina5 UIAgility4
Show/Hide R-XR set
MainhandPipeRobo Giga Pipe Axe UIPower7(+2) UIStamina7(+2) UIAgility7(+2)
OffhandFistRobo Megashot Offhand UIPower7(+2) UIStamina7(+2) UIAgility7(+2)
HeadRobo R-XR Visor Head UIPower7(+2) UIStamina7(+2) UIAgility7(+2)
BodyRobo R-XR Suit Body UIPower7(+2) UIStamina7(+2) UIAgility7(+2)
Show/Hide Dark Knight set
MainhandSwordDarkKnight Night's Fall Sword UIPower10(+3,+2) UIStamina9(+3,+2) UIAgility10(+2,+3)
OffhandShieldDarkKnight Dark Tower Offhand UIPower10(+2,+3) UIStamina9(+3,+2) UIAgility10(+3,+2)
HeadDarkKnight Dark Knight Helm Head UIPower10(+2,+3) UIStamina10(+3,+2) UIAgility9(+3,+2)
BodyDarkKnight Dark Knight Tunic Body UIPower9(+3,+2) UIStamina10(+3,+2) UIAgility10(+2,+3)

Familiars Edit

Yeti's TundraEdit

Familiars unique to Yeti's Tundra:

  • Baumo
  • Pengey
  • McGobblestein
  • Yeti (boss)
Don't underestimate this guy just cause he's a tree.
Baumo UIPower 16% Attack (0SP) Snow Impact (2SP)
UIStamina 31% Damage closest Damage all
UIAgility 13% 90-110% 56-104%
Small in size, this little guy is famous for sneaking up and biting the unprepared.
Pengey UIPower 21% Attack (0SP) Snow Barrage (1SP) Cold Heal (2SP)
UIStamina 19.8% Damage closest Damage random Heal target
UIAgility 29.2% 90-110% 156-234% 80-120%
Watch out. He's mad crazy since no one gave him an argyle sweater for the holidays.
McGobblestein UIPower 29.2% Attack (0SP) Rake (1SP) Gobble (2SP)
UIStamina 15.2% Damage closest Damage closest Damage target
UIAgility 25.6% 90-110% 126-188% 119-221%
Yeti, abominable snowman, it's all the same. Although he thrives on being 'original.'
Yeti UIPower 29% Attack (0SP) Slam (1SP) Feast (2SP) Gnaw (3SP)
UIStamina 30% Damage closest Damage closest Drain closest Damage target
UIAgility 21% 90-110% 126-188% 80-120% 170-255%

Blubber's GutterEdit

Familiars unique to Blubber's Gutter:

  • Sugg
  • Gak
  • Grampz
  • Blubber (boss)
Sugg is the slug. Be his friend and he just might hug you....
Sugg UIPower 25% Attack (0SP) Blight (2SP)
UIStamina 27% Damage closest Damage closest 2
UIAgility 8% 90-110% 104-156%
Green and grey, the substance this guy is made of may get you a bit... slimey
Gak UIPower 26% Attack (0SP) Toxic Sludge (2SP)
UIStamina 12% Damage closest Damage random
UIAgility 22% 90-110% 182-338%
Careful not to step on this guys lawn. He's a grumpy old fart who get's angry pretty easy.
Grampz UIPower 16.3% Attack (0SP) Cane Smack (1SP) Health Stomp (2SP)
UIStamina 42% Damage closest Damage closest Spread Heal
UIAgility 11.7% 90-110% 126-188% 96-144%
Blubber is love. Blubber is life. Blubber is... Real?
Blubber UIPower 27% Attack (0SP) Infect (1SP) Ooze (2SP) Putrefy (3SP)
UIStamina 28% Damage closest Damage random Drain closest Damage closest
UIAgility 25% 90-110% 137-254% 80-120% 184-340%

Gemm's CellEdit

Familiars unique to Gemm's Cell:

  • Bromm
  • Archie
  • Sha'man
  • Gemm (boss)
A burly orc warrior. He likes bunnies and soft fluffy blankets.
Bromm UIPower 20% Attack (0SP) Bromm Smash (2SP)
UIStamina 28% Damage closest Damage closest 2
UIAgility 12% 90-110% 91-169%
An orc with point blank precision is a pretty scary concept.
Archie UIPower 17% Attack (0SP) Precision Shot (2SP)
UIStamina 17% Damage closest Damage target
UIAgility 26% 90-110% 136-204%
Shaaaaaaah'man. He's so happy to see you!
Sha'Man UIPower 26.8% Attack (0SP) Orb Toss (1SP) Heal (2SP)
UIStamina 15.2% Damage closest Damage target Heal target
UIAgility 28% 90-110% 89-165% 70-130%
Flex! And flex again! Now pose for the camera!
Gemm UIPower 25% Attack (0SP) Quick Punch (1SP) Flex (2SP) Fury (3SP)
UIStamina 37% Damage closest Damage closest Spread Heal Damage all
UIAgility 18% 90-110% 126-188% 96-144% 80-120%


Deathmarsh is a special dungeon unlocked at 9 stars. It spawns all familiars unique to Wintermarsh, including all three bosses.

Boss Dialogue Edit

Conversations between you and each boss the first time you meet:[2]

Z2F1(Zone 2, Flag 1)
Pengey: Pukko...
Player: ...
Pengey: PUKKO!

McGobblestein: GOBBLE wheres my argyle GOBBLE sweater at?!
Player: ...
McGobblestein: GOBBLE!!!

Pengey: Pukko PUKKO!
McGobblestein: Yeah! What he said! Gobble GOBBLE!!

Z2D1(Zone 2, Dungeon 1)
Yeti: Hey! Who's this ICE hole?
Player: ...
Yeti: You better chill out! This Yeti is cooler than frozen Spaghetti!

Sugg: You think you can wander around in my sewers? I don't think so!

Blubber: You look tasty. I think I just found my dinner!

Sha'Man: You think you've got what it takes to battle me? Try 3 of me!

Bromm: Halt!
Player: ...
Bromm: Got a wise mouth here eh?
Player: ...
Bromm: I've had enough of your attitude!

Gemm: Ahhhh! Check out my pecks!
Player: ...
Gemm: Well... what about these deltz?
Player: ...
Gemm: Alright then... welcome to the gun show!


  1. Deathmarsh becomes available when the player has cleared the first three dungeons on Heroic difficulty.
  2. If you switch platforms (e.g. from mobile to PC) you will see the dialog again at the first boss meeting.
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