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Zone 6 Background

Morgoroth is the sixth questing zone. It contains the dungeons:

3star Rugumz's Sewer         3star Moghur's Catacomb
3star Oozmire     1star     Demiroth[1]


All equipment dropped in Morgoroth can be obtained from any flag or dungeon in Morgoroth.


Show/Hide Spartan set
MainhandSpearSpartan Truthseeker Spear UIPower22(+10) UIStamina7(+1) UIAgility7(+1)
OffhandShieldSpartan Conquest Buckler Offhand UIPower22(+10) UIStamina7(+1) UIAgility7(+1)
HeadSpartan Centurion's Helm Head UIPower22(+10) UIStamina7(+1) UIAgility7(+1)
BodySpartan Chain of the Fallen Body UIPower22(+10) UIStamina7(+1) UIAgility7(+1)
Show/Hide FutureKnight set
MainhandSwordEmeraldKnight Broadstrike Sword UIPower7(+1) UIStamina22(+10) UIAgility7(+1)
OffhandShieldEmeraldKnight Victory Heater Offhand UIPower7(+1) UIStamina22(+10) UIAgility7(+1)
HeadEmeraldKnight Steadfast Visor Head UIPower7(+1) UIStamina22(+10) UIAgility7(+1)
BodyEmeraldKnight Purity Chain Body UIPower7(+1) UIStamina22(+10) UIAgility7(+1)
Show/Hide BardElf set
MainhandBowBardElf Markflight Bow UIPower7(+1) UIStamina7(+1) UIAgility22(+10)
OffhandGauntletBardElf Balanced Nock Offhand UIPower7(+1) UIStamina7(+1) UIAgility22(+10)
HeadBardElf Rogue's Daring Head UIPower7(+1) UIStamina7(+1) UIAgility22(+10)
BodyBardElf Adventurer's Tunic Body UIPower7(+1) UIStamina7(+1) UIAgility22(+10)
Show/Hide EvilWitch set
MainhandSpearEvilWitch Fierce Carver Spear UIPower34(+14,+14) UIStamina10(+2,+2) UIAgility10(+2,+2)
OffhandOrbEvilWitch Tracker's Resolve Offhand UIPower34(+14,+14) UIStamina10(+2,+2) UIAgility10(+2,+2)
HeadEvilWitch Collector's Cowl Head UIPower34(+14,+14) UIStamina10(+2,+2) UIAgility10(+2,+2)
BodyEvilWitch Successor's Wrap Body UIPower34(+14,+14) UIStamina10(+2,+2) UIAgility10(+2,+2)
Show/Hide BardFancy set
MainhandBowBardFancy Compensator Bow UIPower10(+2,+2) UIStamina34(+14,+14) UIAgility10(+2,+2)
OffhandTunerBardFancy Flourished Nock Offhand UIPower10(+2,+2) UIStamina34(+14,+14) UIAgility10(+2,+2)
HeadBardFancy Conceit Head UIPower10(+2,+2) UIStamina34(+14,+14) UIAgility10(+2,+2)
BodyBardFancy Trophy Fur Body UIPower10(+2,+2) UIStamina34(+14,+14) UIAgility10(+2,+2)
Show/Hide BlueMage set
MainhandStaffBlueMage Phantomite Staff UIPower10(+2,+2) UIStamina10(+2,+2) UIAgility34(+14,+14)
OffhandStaffBlueMage Mana Clutch Offhand UIPower10(+2,+2) UIStamina10(+2,+2) UIAgility34(+14,+14)
HeadBlueMage Hood of Focus Head UIPower10(+2,+2) UIStamina10(+2,+2) UIAgility34(+14,+14)
BodyBlueMage Trophy Fur Body UIPower10(+2,+2) UIStamina10(+2,+2) UIAgility34(+14,+14)
Show/Hide Witchy set
MainhandStaffWitchy Wicked Gnarl Staff UIPower24(+32,+20,+20) UIStamina24(-4,+2,+2) UIAgility24(-4,+2,+2)
OffhandGloveWitchy Cauline Offhand UIPower24(+32,+20,+20) UIStamina24(-4,+2,+2) UIAgility24(-4,+2,+2)
HeadWitchy Witch Shade Head UIPower24(+32,+20,+20) UIStamina24(-4,+2,+2) UIAgility24(-4,+2,+2)
BodyWitchy Cat's Robe Body UIPower24(+32,+20,+20) UIStamina24(-4,+2,+2) UIAgility24(-4,+2,+2)


Shop equipment is bought from the gem shop using gems.

Show/Hide Mago set
MainhandStaffMago Spectrum Staff Staff UIPower16 UIStamina16 UIAgility16
OffhandOrbMago Trail's Resolve Offhand UIPower16 UIStamina16 UIAgility16
HeadMago Traveler's Hood Head UIPower16 UIStamina16 UIAgility16
BodyMago Tunic of Chance Body UIPower16 UIStamina16 UIAgility16
Show/Hide KittyKnight set
MainhandCrossbowKittyKnight Fangor Crossbow UIPower24(+6,+6) UIStamina24(+6,+6) UIAgility24(+6,+6)
OffhandShieldKittyKnight Swift Evasion Offhand UIPower24(+6,+6) UIStamina24(+6,+6) UIAgility24(+6,+6)
HeadKittyKnight Agile Hood Head UIPower24(+6,+6) UIStamina24(+6,+6) UIAgility24(+6,+6)
BodyKittyKnight Quick Cloak Body UIPower24(+6,+6) UIStamina24(+6,+6) UIAgility24(+6,+6)
Show/Hide Spearo set
MainhandSpearSpearo Brilliance Spear UIPower32(+8,+8,+8) UIStamina32(+8,+8,+8) UIAgility32(+8,+8,+8)
OffhandDaggerSpearo Backbane Offhand UIPower32(+8,+8,+8) UIStamina32(+8,+8,+8) UIAgility32(+8,+8,+8)
HeadSpearo Predation Head UIPower32(+8,+8,+8) UIStamina32(+8,+8,+8) UIAgility32(+8,+8,+8)
BodySpearo Creedite Body UIPower32(+8,+8,+8) UIStamina32(+8,+8,+8) UIAgility32(+8,+8,+8)


Rugumz's SewerEdit

Familiars unique to Rugumz's Sewer:

  • Drogginz
  • Marvin
  • Wingo
  • Rugumz (Boss)
A silly looking creature, Drogginz are controlled by the creatures that live on their head.
Drogginz UIPower 20% Attack (0SP) Rage (1SP)
UIStamina 25% Damage closest Damage all
UIAgility 15% 90-110% 48-72%
Dozens of eyes give this monster unlimited sight from all angles.
Marvin UIPower 30.3% Attack (0SP) Toxic Sludge (1SP) Regenerate (2SP)
UIStamina 16.3% Damage closest Damage random Spread heal
UIAgility 23.4% 90-110% 136.5-253.5% 84-156%
Beware of the Wingo chant: 'Wibbly Wobbly, Flighty Mighty Woo!'
Wingo UIPower 36.2% Attack (0SP) Heal (1SP) Magic Strike (1SP)
UIStamina 13.3% Damage closest Heal target Damage weakest
UIAgility 20.5% 90-110% 49.2-114.8% 85.2-198.8%
A slimey stinky stench follows this creature everywhere. The sewage it lives in helps mask the smell.
Rugumz UIPower 16% Attack (0SP) Leech (1SP) Body Slam (1SP) Ooze (2SP)
UIStamina 53.3% Damage closest Drain closest Damage target Spread heal
UIAgility 10.7% 90-110% 56.25-93.75% 101.25-168.75% 90-150%


Familiars unique to Oozmire:

  • Stumpie
  • Opo
  • Chewy
  • Blemb (boss)
Stumpie carries a magical flute which helps him control his tree familiar and sometimes, even you.
Stumpie UIPower 40% Attack (0SP) Inspire (1SP)
UIStamina 13% Damage closest Heal all
UIAgility 7% 90-110% 15-45%
A bouncy, flighty creature that amuses itself with mischief.
Opo UIPower 12.8% Attack (0SP) Cane Smack (1SP) Pogo (1SP)
UIStamina 35.0% Damage closest Damage closest 2 Damage random
UIAgility 22.2% 90-110% 58.2-135.8% 117-273%
Chewy's have the munchies all the time. Keep your hands to yourself unless you wish to become lunch!
Chewy UIPower 26.8% Attack (0SP) Chomp (1SP) Devour (2SP)
UIStamina 16.4% Damage closest Damage weakest Drain closest
UIAgility 26.8% 90-110% 113.6-170.4% 80-120%
A monstrous appetite and an ferocious temper, Blemb loves to eat his defeated enemies.
Blemb UIPower 40% Attack (0SP) Bonk! (1SP) Ug! (1SP) Oof! (2SP)
UIStamina 26.7% Damage closest Damage furthest Damage all Damage closest
UIAgility 13.3% 90-110% 141.3-172.7% 54-66% 310.5-379.5% (31.5-38.5%)

Moghur's CatacombEdit

Familiars unique to Moghur's Catacomb:

  • Negrim
  • Varlos
  • Larzhul
  • Moghur (boss)
Don't let his hunched over appearance fool you, this ghoul knows how to wield his axe with incredible strength.
Negrim UIPower 21% Attack (0SP) Crush (1SP) Strike (2SP)
UIStamina 32.7% Damage closest Damage closest Damage closest 2
UIAgility 16.3% 90-110% 114.5-343.5% 104-156%
Varlos is known for his incredible swordsmanship. Don't turn your back on his blade.
Varlos UIPower 25.7% Attack (0SP) Death Touch (1SP) Slice (1SP)
UIStamina 18.6% Damage closest Damage all Damage target
UIAgility 25.7% 90-110% 42-78% 94.5-175.5%
A necromancer and master of dark arts, the Larzhul emits a dark and evil aura.
Larzhul UIPower 29.2% Attack (0SP) Cold Heal (1SP) Dark Pact (2SP)
UIStamina 5.8% Damage closest Heal target Damage furthest
UIAgility 35% 90-110% 65.6-98.4% 41.6-62.4%
Death is but another toy for the Moghur. He is the void and a most malevolent being.
Moghur UIPower 30.7% Attack (0SP) Hack (1SP) Impale (1SP) Maim (2SP)
UIStamina 16% Damage closest Damage target Damage closest 2 Damage weakest
UIAgility 33.3% 90-110% 94.5-175.5% 67.9-126.1% 133-247%

Boss Dialogue Edit

Conversations between you and each boss the first time you meet:[2]

Z6F3(Zone 6, Flag 3)
Wingo: My name is Wingo! Isn't that just neat-O! Look at my robe it has no sleave-Os!

Z6D1(Zone 6, Dungeon 1)
Rugumz: You wanna know how I got these rolls!?
Player: ...
Rugumz: Well... it's probably cuz I eat everyone who enters my sewer!!

Opo: Om chom, Om chom, Om chom. Weooop!! Om chom, Om chom, Om chom. Weooop!! Ommmmm Chom chom.

Stumpie: My music is the grandest in all the land!!
Stumpie: I've been called the flutebird of my generation by people who have heard me flute.



Larzhul: Your death will be by my hand!

Moghur: ...
Player: ...
Moghur: Your silence proves you are scared!


  1. Demiroth becomes available when the player has cleared the first three dungeons on Heroic difficulty.
  2. If you switch platforms (e.g. from mobile to PC) you will see the dialog again at the first boss meeting.
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