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Melvin's Genesis is the 11th questing zone.

It contains the dungeons

3star Eldingverold         3star Terranova Mines
3star The Obelisk of Mistral     1star     Thiduna Conflux

The Flags are, in order from first to last, Fire Station, Uglano's Cave, Laboratory of Ignition, Rock Bottom Entrance, Obsidian Depths, Nugget Mineshaft, The Underdome, and The Neverending Mountains. The Neverending Mountains repeats twice.

  • Dialogue
    • Xosgath
      • Xosgath: If I destroy you, the commander will make me lieutenant. You know what that means!
      • Player: ...
    • Gokned
      • Gokned: Hey Chorizo! Stop messing with us! The Commander doesn't allow messing around!
      • Player: ...
      • Gokned: Ok! Lets mess everything up! Destoooy!
    • Truago
      • Truago: Your surrender conditions are not acceptable! You want a plane to leave the combat?
      • Player: ...
      • Truago: You got it. I'll respect your life. But your plane will go down, man!
    • Cerulle
      • Cerulle: Oye Churro, it's not good to mess with the clouds... Have you ever been punched by a cloud?
      • Player: ...
      • Cerulle: You're about to find out why they call me Cloudy Weather!
    • Mistral
      • Mistral: Oh, who's the best pilot here? You think you can ride my tail?
      • Player: ...
      • Mistral: You will never beat me! I feel the need for speed!

Familiar Abilities:

Korzamin: 7.5% Fire Damage

Xosgath: 12.5% Fire Damage

Urnamaz: 10% Fire Damage and 2.5% Fire Resist

Flametalon: 2.5% Fire Damage and 12.5% Fire Resist

Dourgok: 7.5% Earth Damage

Gokned: 12.5% Earth Resist

Ourlak: 10% Earth Damage and 2.5% Earth Resist

Truago: 15% Earth Damage

Auris: 7.5% Air Damage

Vape: 10% Air Damage and 2.5% Air Resist

Cerulle: 12.5% Air Damage

Mistral: 15% Air Resist

Completing it unlocks the Minions of Taranis raid.

The Zone Dungeon, Thiduna Conflux, is here! You can only use familiars in the zone dungeon, and all bonus damage is reduced by 50%.[1] A new ancient item[2] awaits in this hard dungeon! This ancient item has 5% damage and damage reduction.[3]

It is advised to have a block tank and bait, as the familiars are elemental familiars.


  1. This was changed from 70%.
  2. There are two mainhand ancient items, Ladener Broom and Aryagn Sight.
  3. This now applies to all Tier 12 Ancient Items.
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