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Zone 3 Background

Lakehaven is the third questing zone. It contains the dungeons:

3star Nosdoodoo Wasteland         3star Quirrel's Fortress
3star Jeb's Chamber     1star     Corpse Haven[1]

Raids are unlocked once the player has completed Lakehaven.

Equipment Edit

All equipment dropped in Lakehaven can be obtained from any flag or dungeon in Lakehaven.

Drops Edit

Show/Hide White Mage set
MainhandStaffWhiteMage Spiritstaff Staff UIPower6(+3) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility4(+1)
OffhandSwordWhiteMage Lightning Sword Offhand UIPower6(+3) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility4(+1)
HeadWhiteMage White Mage Hat Head UIPower6(+3) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility4(+1)
BodyWhiteMage White Mage Robes Body UIPower6(+3) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility4(+1)
Show/Hide Buccaneer set
MainhandSwordPirate Cutlass Sword UIPower4(+1) UIStamina6(+3) UIAgility4(+1)
OffhandBombPirate Bomb Offhand UIPower4(+1) UIStamina6(+3) UIAgility4(+1)
HeadPirate Buccaneer Hat Head UIPower4(+1) UIStamina6(+3) UIAgility4(+1)
BodyPirate Buccaneer Clothes Body UIPower4(+1) UIStamina6(+3) UIAgility4(+1)
Show/Hide Dark Elf set
MainhandBowEveningElf Tribal Bow Bow UIPower4(+1) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility6(+3)
OffhandDollEveningElf Voodoo Doll Offhand UIPower4(+1) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility6(+3)
HeadEveningElf Dark Elf Mask Head UIPower4(+1) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility6(+3)
BodyEveningElf Dark Elf Clothes Body UIPower4(+1) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility6(+3)
Show/Hide Slayer set
MainhandCrossbowHelsing Dusk Crossbow UIPower10(+5,+6) UIStamina6(+1,+1) UIAgility6(+1,+1)
OffhandCrossbowHelsing Dawn Offhand UIPower10(+5,+6) UIStamina6(+1,+1) UIAgility6(+1,+1)
HeadHelsing Baron Hat Head UIPower10(+5,+6) UIStamina6(+1,+1) UIAgility6(+1,+1)
BodyHelsing Slayer Coat Body UIPower10(+5,+6) UIStamina6(+1,+1) UIAgility6(+1,+1)
Show/Hide Eternal set
MainhandHammerFeenix World Breaker Axe UIPower6(+1,+1) UIStamina10(+5,+6) UIAgility6(+1,+1)
OffhandShieldFeenix Eternal Guardian Offhand UIPower6(+1,+1) UIStamina10(+5,+6) UIAgility6(+1,+1)
HeadFeenix Eternal Visage Head UIPower6(+1,+1) UIStamina10(+5,+6) UIAgility6(+1,+1)
BodyFeenix Eternal Armor Body UIPower6(+1,+1) UIStamina10(+5,+6) UIAgility6(+1,+1)
Show/Hide Necrotic set
MainhandStaffBoneMage Ritual Cane Staff UIPower6(+1,+1) UIStamina6(+1,+1) UIAgility10(+5,+6)
OffhandShieldBoneMage Bone Warden Offhand UIPower 6(+1,+1) UIStamina6(+1,+1) UIAgility10(+5,+6)
HeadBoneMage Necrotic Gaze Head UIPower 6(+1,+1) UIStamina6(+1,+1) UIAgility10(+5,+6)
BodyBoneMage Necrotic Garb Body UIPower 6(+1,+1) UIStamina6(+1,+1) UIAgility10(+5,+6)
Show/Hide Dragon set
MainhandSpearDragon Dragon's Tooth* Spear UIPower12(+8,+6,+6) UIStamina9(+1,+2,+2) UIAgility9(+1,+2,+2)
OffhandShieldDragon Dragon Heart* Offhand UIPower9(+11,+6,+6) UIStamina9(+1,+2,+2) UIAgility12(-2,+2,+2)
HeadDragon Dragon Mask* Head UIPower9(+11,+6,+6) UIStamina12(-2,+2,+2) UIAgility9(+1,+2,+2)
BodyDragon Dragonscale Armor* Body UIPower9(+11,+6,+6) UIStamina12(-2,+2,+2) UIAgility9(+1,+2,+2)

Shop Edit

Show/Hide South Border set
MainhandFlailSouthBorder Steel Flail Axe UIPower7 UIStamina6 UIAgility6
OffhandShieldSouthBorder South Border Shield Offhand UIPower6 UIStamina6 UIAgility7
HeadSouthBorder South Border Helm Head UIPower6 UIStamina7 UIAgility6
BodySouthBorder South Border Armor Body UIPower6 UIStamina7 UIAgility6
Show/Hide Etcher's set
MainhandLuteBard Etchers Song Sword UIPower10(+3) UIStamina9(+3) UIAgility10(+2)
OffhandDrumBard Dunbet Offhand UIPower10(+2) UIStamina9(+3) UIAgility10(+3)
HeadBard Feathered Cap Head UIPower10(+2) UIStamina10(+3) UIAgility9(+3)
BodyBard Etchers Doublet Body UIPower9(+3) UIStamina10(+3) UIAgility10(+2)
Show/Hide Royal set
MainhandSwordKing Oathkeeper Sword UIPower14(+3,+3) UIStamina13(+3,+4) UIAgility13(+4,+3)
OffhandShieldKing Kings Crest Offhand UIPower13(+4,+3) UIStamina13(+3,+4) UIAgility14(+3,+3)
HeadKing Royal Crown Head UIPower13(+4,+3) UIStamina14(+3,+3) UIAgility13(+3,+4)
BodyKing Royal Armor Body UIPower13(+3,+4) UIStamina14(+3,+3) UIAgility13(+4,+3)

Familiars Edit

Nosdoodoo Wasteland Edit

Familiars unique to Nosdoodoo Wasteland:

  • Ives
  • Naginee
  • Dina
  • Nosdoodoo (boss)
Ives are known for their poison so watch out for that tail!
Ives UIPower 19% Attack (0SP) Life Steal (2SP)
UIStamina 21% Damage closest Drain closest
Z3D1 UIAgility 20% 90-110% 80-120%
Friendly snakes are the best kind of snakes! She requires lots of attention.
Naginee UIPower 25% Attack (0SP) Nourish (2SP)
UIStamina 12% Damage closest Heal target
Z3D1 UIAgility 23% 90-110% 70-130%
Dina the dino. Or is it Tina? I guess we'll never know.
Dina UIPower 17.5% Attack (0SP) Bite (1SP) Jump (2SP)
UIStamina 31.5% Damage closest Damage closest Damage target
Z3D1 UIAgility 21% 90-110% 125-189% 136-204%
The early bird gets the worm! unless it's Nosdoodoo. Then the worm gets the bird.
Nosdoodoo UIPower 23% Attack (0SP) Rip (1SP) Harvest (2SP) Mangle (3SP)
UIStamina 35% Damage closest Damage closest Drain closest Damage furthest
Z3D1 UIAgility 22% 90-110% 126-188% 80-120% 220-330%

Jeb's Chamber Edit

Familiars unique to Jeb's Chamber:

  • Mr. Wasson
  • Neila
  • Melvins
  • Jeb (boss)
Suh dude
Mr. Wasson UIPower 17% Attack (0SP) Barf (2SP)
UIStamina 26% Damage closest Damage target
Z3D2 UIAgility 17% 90-110% 136-204%
Neila is a beautiful creature. Tall, thin, and a bit alien?
Neila UIPower 25.7% Attack (0SP) Flame Toss (1SP) Health Beam (2SP)
UIStamina 18.6% Damage closest Damage all Heal all
Z3D2 UIAgility 25.7% 90-110% 48-72% 96-144%
Two for one deals were never better than this.
Melvins UIPower 29.2% Attack (0SP) Body Slam (1SP) Leech (2SP)
UIStamina 8.1% Damage closest Damage furthest Drain closest
Z3D2 UIAgility 32.7% 90-110% 132-198% 80-120%
Got cupcakes? Jeb likes cupcakes. She really likes cupcakes.
Jeb UIPower 30% Attack (0SP) Strike (1SP) Sap (2SP) Pounce (3SP)
UIStamina 21% Damage closest Damage closest Drain closest Damage target
Z3D2 UIAgility 29% 90-110% 126-189% 80-120% 170-254%

Quirrel's Fortress Edit

Familiars unique to Quirrel's Fortress:

  • Juice
  • Nock
  • Rills
  • Quirrel (boss)
A fierce Warrior. He may not look like much but you don't want to mess with this bag of bones.
Juice UIPower 22% Attack (0SP) Assault (2SP)
UIStamina 20% Damage closest Damage closest 2
Z3D3 UIAgility 18% 90-110% 78-182%
This fellow got his nickname for nocking so many arrows. Aiming though....
Nock UIPower 24% Attack (0SP) Pierce (1SP)
UIStamina 10% Damage closest Damage target
Z3D3 UIAgility 26% 90-110% 89-165%
These guys prefer silence to actual chatter. So don't expect any real conversation.
Rills UIPower 21% Attack (0SP) Swing (1SP) Maim (2SP)
UIStamina 31.5% Damage closest Damage closest 2 Drain closest
Z3D3 UIAgility 17.5% 90-110% 68-126% 70-130%
A squirrely little guy but a master of the magical arts.
Quirrel UIPower 30% Attack (0SP) Magic Strike (1SP) Regenerate (2SP) Bloodlust (3SP)
UIStamina 20% Damage closest Damage target Spread Heal Damage all
Z3D3 UIAgility 30% 90-110% 102-152% 96-144% 80-120%

Boss Dialogue Edit

Conversations between you and each boss the first time you meet:[2]

Z3F2(Zone 3, Flag 2)

Z3D1(Zone 3, Dungeon 1)
Nosdoodoo: Mwaahahahaha! Prepare for your doo.. doom!

Mr. Wasson: ... gurrrrgle ...
Player: ...
Mr. Wasson: ... BARF!

Neila: The ancient prophecy fortold of your arrival...

Jeb: *tck* *tck* *tck* *tck*

Rills: I am the sword in the darkness, and the shield that guards this castle.

Juice: My bones ache, and your bones will break!

Quirrel: I am the evil that protects this castle. The shadows betray you because they serve me.


  1. Corpse Haven becomes available when the player has cleared the first three dungeons on Heroic difficulty.
  2. If you switch platforms (e.g. from mobile to PC) you will see the dialog again at the first boss meeting.
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