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Invasion is a gameplay mode where players fight endless waves of enemies to obtain equipments[1], cosmetics, schematics and unique fusion materials.

Players can choose the player character, town NPCs and the player's familiars when forming parties.

For details on Invasion-specific unique enemies, see Fusion#Invasion fusions.

Badges Edit

In order to play invasions, the player must use badges (Badges). A maximum of 10 badges can be held at a given time with a regeneration rate of 1 Badge every 45 minutes. This number can be increased through in game purchases or via guild perks.

Badges Used Points Loot Item Find Bonus Experience Bonus Gold Find Bonus
1 1x 1x +0% +0% +0%
2 2x 2x +0% +100% +100%
3 3x 3x +0% +200% +200%
4 4x 4x +0% +300% +300%
5 5x 5x +0% +400% +400%

Community pointsEdit

Invasion event rewards improve when the community score reaches certain milestones. These milestones are flexible per event, and can change.

The following table represents the Ninja event's milestones.

Tier Community points
1 0
2 6,600,000
3 19,800,000
4 39,600,000
5 66,000,000
6 100,000,000


Six NPCs can be used in Invasion only, they are also scale on percentages of the player's total stats. Note that augments are disabled since they are not familiars.

Nyxn doesn't think you're very cool or that strong. The only way to gain his respect is to prove yourself in his Trials.
Nyxn UIPower 60% Slash (0SP) Skewer (1SP) Impale (1SP) Blitz (2SP) Strike (3SP)
25% Damage UIStamina 15% Damage closest Damage furthest Damage closest 3 Damage target Damage closest
Invasion Exclusive UIAgility 25% 80-120% 125.6-188.4% 65.6-98.4% 144-216% 229.6-344.4%
A new face in town, not much is known of him, except he likes to eat stuff off the ground. Eek.
Derwin UIPower 45% Fireball (0SP) Eruption (1SP) Rejuvinate (1SP) Fire Storm (2SP) Flamestrike (3SP)
25% Dual Strike UIStamina 17.5% Damage closest Damage weakest Heals target Damage all Damage target
Invasion Exclusive UIAgility 37.5% 80-120% 113.6-170.4% 65.6-98.4% 64-96% 180-270%
Old and mighty! Some of us think that's not familiar fur on his cape, it's his back hair.
Agnar UIPower 17.5% Slash (0SP) Aerial Assault (1SP) Chop (1SP) Dispatch (2SP) Vigor (3SP)
50% Block Chance UIStamina 70% Damage closest Drain all Damage closest Damage target Spread heal
Invasion Exclusive UIAgility 12.5% 70-130% 21-39% 120.4-223.6% 126-234% 135-165%
You can usually find Quinn sleeping in the familiar slop at night. You can smell him from over here. Gross.
Quinn UIPower 25% Fireball (0SP) Eruption (1SP) Rejuvinate (1SP) Fire Storm (2SP) Flamestrike (3SP)
25% Speed UIStamina 20% Damage closest Damage weakest Heals target Damage all Damage target
Invasion Exclusive UIAgility 55% 80-120% 113.6-170.4% 65.6-98.4% 64-96% 180-270%
The smartest inventor in all the land... Too bad he can't ever find his wrench.
Prof. Haile UIPower 42.5% Impact (0SP) Bullseye (1SP) True Shot (1SP) Snipe (2SP) Draining Shot (3SP)
50% Crit Chance UIStamina 25% Damage closest Damage target Damage all Damage furthest Drain all
Invasion Exclusive UIAgility 32.5% 80-120% 108-162% 48-72% 168-252% 40-60%
The last great PvP champion of the land. This loyal and proud Knight is still looking for a real challenge.
Brenne UIPower 40% Slash (0SP) Thrust (1SP) Leap Attack (1SP) Aerial Strike (2SP) Vampiric Touch (3SP)
15% Deflect Chance UIStamina 50% Damage closest Damage closest 3 Damage target Damage all Drain closest
Invasion Exclusive UIAgility 10% 90-110% 73.8-90.2% 121.5-148.5% 72-88% 112.5-137.5%

Possible Drops Edit

Note: The tier of equipments are determined by the highest zone a player has completed. For example, a player will get Tier 5 equipment by clearing Zone 4 (Ashvale).

  • Common equipments
  • Rare equipments (Zone / World Boss)
  • Epic equipments (Zone / Raids / Trials & Gauntlet / World Boss)
  • Legendary equipments (Raids / Trials & Gauntlet / World Boss Orlag Clan / World Boss Netherworld)
  • Set equipments (Invasion exclusive - same for all invasions)
  • Mythic equipments (Invasion exclusive)
  • Fusion schematics (Invasion exclusive)
  • Cosmetics (Invasion exclusive)
  • Crafting Materials: ZombieBrains for Zombo event, NinjaPizza for Ninja event, GingerSnaps for Holiday (aka Xmas) event, JellyDonut for Jelly event, Croutons for Papoz event, PieMaterial for Revenge Of The Turkey event

After event ends, you will also get some crafting materials, base on your personal points you get and the community points in events.

Invasion Specific InfoEdit

Name Fusions Fusion
Myths Cosmetics
Zombo OgreZombie Fusion#Zombo ZombieBrains Wet Brainz List_of_mythic_equipment#Scrawny Neck "Scrawny" HeadZombieMask Cosmetics#Zombo
Ninja DrunkenMasterNinja Fusion#Ninja NinjaPizza Ninja Powah List_of_mythic_equipment#PepPep Neck "Pep Pep" HeadSamuraiCrimson Cosmetics#Ninja
Holiday Chelf Fusion#Holiday GingerSnaps Ginger Snaps RingCandy Ring "Peppermint Ring" MainhandSwordHoliday Cosmetics#Holiday
Jelly Gello v2 Fusion#Jelly JellyDonut Jelly Donut NeckMellow Neck "Mewmeck" FantasyGhostJelly Cosmetics#Jelly
Papoz Svireal Fusion#Papoz Croutons Croutons List_of_mythic_equipment#MeatYa Head "Nice To Meat Ya" BodyChef Cosmetics#Papoz
of the
McSaday Mon Fusion#Turkey PieMaterial Feastum List_of_mythic_equipment#Amaglon Ring "Amaglon"[2] OffhandFruits Cosmetics#Turkey


Brenne: The town is under attack! We must unite to defend our home!

Prof. Haile: Ah! O! EH! These revolting monsters are everywhere! One of them even devoured my Splendid Gyroscopic Magnatronic Atomizer!

Prof. Haile: That magnificent name is trademarked by the way, *wink*

Player: ...

Quinn: Ahhhhhh!! They ate all of my delicious Familiar slop! It's time for all these monsters to... GO AWAY!!


  1. As of 8/31/2018
  2. Amaglon +8% Block Chance
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