The Glossary is a list of common terms, slang and abbreviations used in Bit Heroes & Bit Heroes chat related to the game. (Please keep this listing factual and rated 'PG'... this is not the Urban dictionary.)

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Section headingEdit

Term Definition
BH Bit Heroes
GH Guild Hall
P2W Pay to Win; usually used to describe players that spend (a lot of) money or to describe a system implemented in the game (real money purchases)
F2P Free to Play; used to describe the non-spending player base.
RNG Random Number Generator; ‘tool’ used to randomly select a number which is used then to select a reward, etc.
PvP - Player vs Player fights.
PvE Player vs Environment; regular content, story mode, or simply non-PvP elements.
Leg Legendary tiered item in BH.
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Rejected Terms (PG) Edit

DIAF, etc. ....


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