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Expedition is a guild event which combines various aspects of GvG (you can use guild-mates on your team / obtain guild bucks for guild improvement), and Trials (you wander dungeons at a tiered difficulty number you choose; with related gear, cash and prizes). It has an Invasion-esque scoring system where your points count towards your individual ranking and go towards a group effort to "clear" each of the four portals. At this time there are two types of Expeditions to challenge you, the Inferno Dimension and the Hallowed Dimension. Expedition enemies cannot be caught, but can drop related fusion schematics and cosmetics.

Badges Edit

In order to play expedition, the player must use badges (Badges). Badge regeneration rate is 1 every 45 minutes. Badges can also be obtained through in game purchases.[1]

Badges Used Points Loot Item Find Bonus Experience Bonus Gold Find Bonus
1 1x 1x +0% +0% +0%
2 2x 1x +100% +100% +100%
3 3x 2x +100% +200% +200%
4 4x 2x +200% +300% +300%
5 5x 3x +200% +400% +400%

Possible Drops Edit

Note: The tier of equipments are determined by the highest zone a player has completed. For example, a player will get Tier 5 equipment by clearing Zone 4 (Ashvale).

  • Common equipments
  • Rare equipments (Zone / World Boss)
  • Epic equipments (Zone / Raids / Trials & Gauntlet / World Boss)
  • Legendary equipments (Raids / Trials & Gauntlet / World Boss Orlag Clan / World Boss Netherworld , boss drop only)
  • Set equipments (Expedition exclusive, boss drop only)
  • Mythic equipments (Expedition exclusive, boss drop only)
Inferno Dimension:
MainhandStaffPeeper Oblivion (Mainhand - Staff), from Raleib's Portal, BodyPeeper Ataraxia (Body), from Blemo's Portal,
RingPeeper Twitch (Ring), from Gummy's Portal, HeadPeeper Peeper (Head), from Zarlock's Portal
Hallowed Dimension:
MainhandBowAlien Abhorence (Mainhand - Bow), from Googarum's Portal, OffhandArrowAlien Radiance (Offhand), from Svord's Portal,
HeadAlien Vile Focus (Head), from Twimbo's Portal, BodyAlien Cloak of Dark Tides (Body), from X5-T34M's Portal
Inferno Dimension:
FamiliarSewerRatRobot from Raleib's Portal, FamiliarFantasyCyclopsGhost from Blemo's Portal, FamiliarSnowBeastOversized from Gummy's Portal, FamiliarGoblinDemonic from Zarlock's Portal
Hallowed Dimension:
FamiliarThicketRabbitCloud from Googarum's Portal, FamiliarThicketTurtleManOversized from Svord's Portal, FamiliarReaperBugPolycephaly from Twimbo's Portal, FamiliarRoboMechSteampunk from X5-T34M's Portal
Inferno Dimension:
RobotSproket from Raleib's Portal, Ectoplasm from Blemo's Portal, Bacon from Gummy's Portal, DemonHide from Zarlock's Portal
Hallowed Dimension:
Fireflys from Googarum's Portal, Bacon from Svord's Portal, PolycephalySyrum from Twimbo's Portal, SteamCog from X5-T34M's Portal
  • Legendary Materials: HyperShard for Tier 5, Doubloon for Tier 6, RomBit for Tier 7, LuminousStone for Tier 8, Beanstalk for Tier 9
  • Enchants (any rarity)
  • Small/Medium/Large Healing/Revive Potions

After event ends, you will also get some crafting materials, base on your personal points you get in events.

Dialogue Edit

  • Nyxn: Hey wimp. Looks like you think you're pretty tough. Well, we will see about that.
  • Nyxn: I decided to rip a hole in space time to another dimension to test your guild's power.
  • Nyxn: Let the toughest guild prevail. I doubt that's your guild though. Muahahahahaha...
  • Player: ...

Notes: Edit

  1. Normally, a maximum of 10 badges can be held at a given time; this number can be increased via guild perks.
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