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The 'Craft' menu lets players UPGRADE, EXCHANGE for materials, TRADE, and REFORGE items.

The craft filter


Main article: Materials

Materials are used to create, upgrade, and reforge items OR fuse familiars. There are three different types of materials:

  1. Gear material (material obtained from exchanging gear)
  2. Crafting material (material obtained from dungeons as a drop, exchanging, and events)
  3. Fusion material (material obtained from dungeons as a drop, and only used for fusions)


Main article: Craft/Upgrade

The Upgrade tab allows players to upgrade equipment that they already possess. To find out how much upgrading can improve equipment, reference the Total Stats and the Equipment pages.


Main article: Craft/Exchange

Materials obtained in the Exchange menu correspond to rarity and tier. Exchanging an upgraded item will provide additional materials.


Main article: Craft/Trade

Within Bit Heroes, trading is the process of converting materials into something else via an NPC[1]. Therefore, a TRADE section can be found in the craft-menu. Via filters the player can select the rarity and type of trade. Not all options are available to the player because it requires at least 1 of each needed material to unlock e.g. set chests or ancient gear. For more information on the materials/components, see List of Materials.


Main article: Craft/Reforge

Reforging allows players to change upgrade paths on their already upgraded equipment. For information on upgrade paths, see Equipment. Only Epic or above rarity equipment, which has multiple upgrade paths can be reforged.

As of 6/30/2017, fully upgraded T5 Set items can be reforged into T6 set items but requires Set materials from both tiers. With the 10/27/2017 update, fully upgraded T6 set items can be reforged into T7 set items but requires Set materials from both tiers.


  1. Player to player trading does not exist
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