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This page catalogues the 2017 Christmas event.

From the 12/1/2017 patch notes:

  • All daily bonuses are doubled throughout the month of December. Happy Holidays!
  • Visit Grampz in town for a special winter gift!

From the 12/15/2017 patch notes:

  • Holiday cheer is here! Collect free presents in town each day for the next 12 days!
  • Item obtained:
    • Day 1: Mr. Frosto Head (cosmetic head), Mr. Frosto Body (cosmetic body), Major Energy Potion (+80 Energy)
    • Day 2: Candy Cane (cosmetic accessory), Stat Point
    • Day 3: Gingerbro (cosmetic pet), Major Ticket Pouch (+8 Tickets), 40 gems
    • Day 4: Rudy Body (cosmetic body), Rudy Head (cosmetic head), 20 Rune Fragment
    • Day 5: Presents (cosmetic accessory), 25 Component Cream, 40 gems
    • Day 6: Milk and Cookies (Capture Rate +50% for 24 hours), 10 Ginger Snaps, Average Badge Pouch (+5 Badges), 25 Critter Jelly
    • Day 7: Grumpis Body (cosmetic body), Grumpis Head (cosmetic head), Broccoli (Item Find, Exp, Gold Find and Movement Speed +75% for 24 hours)
    • Day 8: Peter Sweater (cosmetic body), Peter Face (cosmetic head), Coco (cosmetic axe), 40 gems
    • Day 9: Jolly Blade (cosmetic sword), Major Ticket Pouch (+8 Tickets), Major Energy Potion (+80 Energy)
    • Day 10: Crintus Body (cosmetic body), Crintus Head (cosmetic head), Sack Of Limbs (cosmetic accessory), Coal (cosmetic offhand), 40 gems
    • Day 11: Elfo Clothes (cosmetic body), Elfo Hood (cosmetic head), 20 Rune Fragment
    • Day 12: Snopes (cosmetic pet), 25 Component Cream, 25 Critter Jelly


NPC004 Dialogue
  • Grampz: Ah, Hero! You look mighty chilly. Have this Coco I made. I used some of Quinn's slop to give it a real kick!
Items obtained
Cocoa 3 Coco Increases your item find, experience, gold find, and movement speed by 75% for 24 hours
Credits 50 Gems
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