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Zone 1 Background
Bit valley1

Bit Valley is the first questing zone available. It contains the dungeons:

3star Grimz Crossing         3star Lord Cerulean's Tomb
3star Dryad's Heart     1star     Grim Valley

The tutorial spans from the first flag[1] to the first dungeon: Grimz Crossing. Each normal dungeon has three levels of difficulty.[2] The fourth "hidden" dungeon (named Grim Valley[3]) becomes available when the player has cleared the first three dungeons on Heroic difficulty.[4]

Equipment Edit

Starter Edit

The starter set is provided to all new players, and cannot be obtained again if exchanged.

Show/Hide Townsman's set
MainhandSwordWood Townsman Sword Sword UIPower2 UIStamina1 UIAgility2
OffhandShieldWood Townsman Shield Offhand UIPower2 UIStamina1 UIAgility2
BodyTownsman Townsman Armor Body UIPower1 UIStamina3 UIAgility1

Drops Edit

All equipment dropped in Bit Valley can be obtained from any flag or dungeon in Bit Valley.

Show/Hide Barbarian set
MainhandAxeConan Battle Axe Axe UIPower4(+1) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility2(+1)
OffhandShieldConan Broken Shield Offhand UIPower4(+1) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility2(+1)
HeadConan Barbarian Helm Head UIPower4(+1) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility2(+1)
BodyBarbarianArmor Barbarian Armor Body UIPower4(+1) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility2(+1)
Show/Hide Strongarm set
MainhandSwordStrongarm Strongarm Sword Sword UIPower2(+1) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility2(+1)
OffhandShieldStrongarm Heater Offhand UIPower2(+1) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility2(+1)
HeadStrongarm Strongarm Helm Head UIPower2(+1) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility2(+1)
BodyStrongarm Strongarm Armor Body UIPower2(+1) UIStamina4(+1) UIAgility2(+1)
Show/Hide Wood Elf set
MainhandBowWoodElf Hunting Bow Bow UIPower2(+1) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility4(+1)
OffhandShieldWoodElf Wood Elf Shield Offhand UIPower2(+1) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility4(+1)
HeadWoodElf Wood Elf Hood Head UIPower2(+1) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility4(+1)
BodyWoodElf Wood Elf Armor Body UIPower2(+1) UIStamina2(+1) UIAgility4(+1)
Show/Hide Imperial set
MainhandPolearmImperial Impaler Spear UIPower6(+2,+2) UIStamina3(+1,+) UIAgility3(+1,+1)
OffhandShieldImperial Defender Offhand UIPower6(+2,+2) UIStamina3(+1,+1) UIAgility3(+1,+1)
HeadImperial Imperial Helm Head UIPower6(+2,+2) UIStamina3(+1,+1) UIAgility3(+1,+1)
BodyImperial Imperial Armor Body UIPower6(+2,+2) UIStamina3(+1,+1) UIAgility3(+1,+1)
Show/Hide Honor set
MainhandSwordElegant Solitude Sword UIPower3(+1,+1) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility3(+1,+1)
OffhandShieldElegant Honor's End Offhand UIPower3(+1,+1) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility3(+1,+1)
HeadElegant Visage of Truths Head UIPower3(+1,+1) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility3(+1,+1)
BodyElegant Greatplate of Honor Body UIPower3(+1,+1) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility3(+1,+1)
Show/Hide Ninja set
MainhandSwordNinja Kimura Sword UIPower3(+1,+1) UIStamina3(+1,+1) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
OffhandShurikenNinja Shrunken Offhand UIPower3(+1,+1) UIStamina3(+1,+1) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
HeadNinja Ninja Cowl Head UIPower3(+1,+1) UIStamina3(+1,+1) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
BodyNinja Ninja Shroud Body UIPower3(+1,+1) UIStamina3(+1,+1) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
Show/Hide Guardian set
MainhandSwordSteelKnight Prides Fall* Sword UIPower6(+3,+4,+3) UIStamina5(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility5(+1,+1,+1)
OffhandShieldSteelKnight Unbreakable* Offhand UIPower5(+4,+4,+3) UIStamina6(+0,+1,+1) UIAgility5(+1,+1,+1)
HeadSteelKnight Guardian Helm* Head UIPower5(+4,+4,+3) UIStamina5(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility6(+0,+1,+1)
BodySteelKnight Guardian Plate* Body UIPower5(+4,+4,+3) UIStamina6(+0,+1,+1) UIAgility5(+1,+1,+1)

Shop Edit

Shop equipment are bought from the gem shop using gems.

Show/Hide Assassin set
MainhandDaggerAssassin Dirk Sword UIPower4 UIStamina3 UIAgility4
MainhandDaggerAssassin Shiv Offhand UIPower4 UIStamina4 UIAgility3
HeadAssassin Assassin Mask Head UIPower3 UIStamina4 UIAgility4
BodyAssassin Assassin Armor Body UIPower4 UIStamina4 UIAgility3
Show/Hide Legionairre set
MainhandFlailKnightElf Endbringer Axe UIPower6(+1) UIStamina5(+1) UIAgility5(+2)
OffhandShieldKnightElf Fortress Offhand UIPower5(+2) UIStamina5(+1) UIAgility6(+1)
HeadKnightElf Legionairre Basinet Head UIPower5(+1) UIStamina6(+1) UIAgility5(+2)
BodyKnightElf Legionairre Plate Body UIPower5(+2) UIStamina6(+1) UIAgility5(+1)
Show/Hide Zodiac set
MainhandStaffNightMage Stardust Staff UIPower7(+2,+1) UIStamina7(+2,+2) UIAgility7(+2,+2)
OffhandOrbNightMage Orion Offhand UIPower7(+2,+2) UIStamina7(+2,+1) UIAgility7(+2,+2)
HeadNightMage Zodiac Hood Head UIPower7(+2,+1) UIStamina7(+2,+2) UIAgility7(+2,+2)
BodyNightMage Zodiac Robes Body UIPower7(+2,+2) UIStamina7(+2,+2) UIAgility7(+2,+1)

Familiars Edit

Grimz Crossing Edit

Bit valley2

Familiars unique to Grimz Crossing:

  • BooBoo
  • Batty
  • Tubbo
  • Grimz (boss)
BooBoo is the Cutest little ghost there ever was.
BooBoo UIPower 22% Attack (0SP) Cleanse (2SP)
UIStamina 20% Damage closest Heal target
UIAgility 18% 90-110% 80-120%
While he might get annoying, this little batty just wants to be your friend.
Batty UIPower 24% Attack (0SP) Feast (2SP)
UIStamina 16% Damage closest Drain closest
UIAgility 20% 90-110% 80-120%
Flubby wubby tubbo. The tubbiest tubbo there ever was.
Tubbo UIPower 18.7% Attack (0SP) Rage (2SP) Isolate (3SP)
UIStamina 35% Damage closest Damage all Damage furthest
UIAgility 16.3% 90-110% 56-104% 165-385%
Death doesn't seem so scary when you have Grimz by your side.
Grimz UIPower 31% Attack (0SP) Death Stare (1SP) Death Touch (2SP) Scythe Swipe (3SP)
UIStamina 25% Damage closest Damage target Drain closest Damage all
UIAgility 24% 90-110% 89-165% 70-130% 60-140%

Dryad's Heart Edit

Bit valley3

Familiars unique to Dryad's Heart:

  • Prof. Oak
  • Bob
  • Shrump
  • Dryad (boss)
Sorry trainers. This oak isn't interested in laboratories or research of any kind.
Prof. Oak UIPower 19% Attack (0SP) Paper Cut (2SP)
UIStamina 27% Damage closest Damage closest
UIAgility 14% 90-110% 168-252%
'Make this realm great again.'
Shrump UIPower 23.3% Attack (0SP) Gamble (1SP) Shrump Bump (3SP)
UIStamina 19.9% Damage closest Damage random Damage furthest
UIAgility 26.8% 90-110% 156-234% 220-330%
This is Bob. Bob is simple. Bob is... Bob.
Bob UIPower 28% Attack (0SP) Slimed (1SP) Bob Bait (2SP)
UIStamina 14% Damage closest Damage random Damage furthest
UIAgility 28% 90-110% 137-253% 154-286%
Natural green fur gives the ability to camouflage.
Dryad UIPower 25% Attack (0SP) Leaf Swarm (1SP) Heal (2SP) Vine Barrage (3SP)
UIStamina 32% Damage closest Damage all Heal target Damage target
UIAgility 23% 90-110% 42-78% 80-120% 127-297%

Lord Cerulean's Tomb Edit

Bit valley4

Familiars unique to Lord Cerulean's Tomb:

  • Es'skeleto
  • Krusty
  • Mer'lan
  • Lord Cerulean (boss)
A pile of bones with a bit more life than expected.
Es'skeleto UIPower 18% Attack (0SP) Bone Smack (2SP)
UIStamina 24% Damage closest Damage closest
UIAgility 18% 90-110% 168-252%
As crusty as Krusty can be.
Krusty UIPower 18% Attack (0SP) Straight Shot (3SP)
UIStamina 20% Damage closest Damage furthest
UIAgility 22% 90-110% 192-358%
Mer'lan is the type who really likes to play tricks. Trusting him may not be smart.
Mer'lan UIPower 31.5% Attack (0SP) Fire Storm (1SP) Recharge (2SP)
UIStamina 9.3% Damage closest Damage all Spread Heal
UIAgility 29.2% 90-110% 42-78% 108-132%
Lord of the elves. Everything he see's is blue like him, inside and out.
Lord Cerulean UIPower 27% Attack (0SP) Quick Shot (1SP) Royal Decree (2SP) King's Rage (3SP)
UIStamina 26% Damage closest Damage furthest Spread Heal Damage all
UIAgility 27% 90-110% 132-198% 96-114% 80-120%

Grim Valley Edit

Bit valley5

Grim Valley is a special dungeon unlocked at 9 stars. It spawns all familiars unique to Bit Valley, including all three bosses.

Each boss may only spawn once.

Boss Dialogue Edit

Conversations between you and each boss the first time you meet:[5]

Z1F1(Zone 1, Flag 1)
Tubbo: Me Tubbo! Me smash yo face!

Booboo: ooOoOooooOo Oo oooo…
Player: ...

Z1D1(Zone 1, Dungeon 1)
Grimz: Not even death can save you from me!

Prof. Oak: Who dares go stompin through OUR forest!?
Player: ...
Prof. Oak: You better make like tree and get outta here!

Dryad: I’m the spirit of the forest. You have unsettled our land. Prepare for battle!

Mer’lan: Urm.. uh.. Huh… WHAT!?

Lord Cerulean: ...
Player: ...
Lord Cerulean: !!!
Player: ...


  1. Flags are a one-time instance and cannot be replayed once completed.
  2. Dungeons may be replayed (at any level) once completed.
  3. Each zone's "hidden" dungeon is made up of random encounters with each of the previous dungeon's familiars and bosses.
  4. As of Patch_Notes#Update 10/2/2016.
  5. If you switch platforms (e.g. from mobile to PC) you will see the dialog again at the first boss meeting.
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