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Zone 4 Background

Ashvale is the fourth questing zone. It contains the dungeons:

3star Rexie's Plateau         3star Kov'alg Pit
3star Warty's Corridor     1star     Bonevale[1]

Equipment Edit

All equipment dropped in Ashvale can be obtained from any flag or dungeon in Ashvale.

Drops Edit

Show/Hide Luver set
MainhandStaffLuvMage Luvbinder Staff UIPower12(+3) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility4(+2)
OffhandOrbLuvMage Dream Orbs Offhand UIPower12(+3) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility4(+2)
HeadLuvMage Luvhat Head UIPower12(+3) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility4(+2)
BodyLuvMage Luver's Tunic Body UIPower12(+3) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility4(+2)
Show/Hide Sabercat set
MainhandClubCaveman Club Axe UIPower4(+2) UIStamina12(+3) UIAgility4(+2)
OffhandBoneCaveman Bone Offhand UIPower4(+2) UIStamina12(+3) UIAgility4(+2)
HeadCaveman Nosebone Head UIPower4(+2) UIStamina12(+3) UIAgility4(+2)
BodyCaveman Sabercat wrap Body UIPower4(+2) UIStamina12(+3) UIAgility4(+2)
Show/Hide Hunter set
MainhandBowstaffKilik Balance Spear UIPower4(+2) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility12(+3)
OffhandBowstaffKilik Truth Offhand UIPower4(+2) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility12(+3)
HeadKilik Hunter Warpaint Head UIPower4(+2) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility12(+3)
BodyKilik Lionheart Body UIPower4(+2) UIStamina4(+2) UIAgility12(+3)
Show/Hide Native set
MainhandAxeNative Trap Axe UIPower18(+6,+6) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
OffhandAxeNative Ambush Offhand UIPower18(+6,+6) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
HeadNative Warbonnet Head UIPower18(+6,+6) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
BodyNative Native Breastplate Body UIPower18(+6,+6) UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+2,+2)
Show/Hide Grand Sage set
MainhandBookScholar Orisis Staff UIPower6() UIStamina18(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+6,+6)
OffhandBookScholar Academic Book Offhand UIPower6() UIStamina18(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+6,+6)
HeadScholar Academic Sagecap Head UIPower6() UIStamina18(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+6,+6)
BodyScholar Grand Sage Robe Body UIPower6() UIStamina18(+2,+2) UIAgility6(+6,+6)
Show/Hide Honshu Warrior set
MainhandBowSpiritWarrior Spirit Shot Spirit Shot UIPower6() UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility18(+2,+2)
OffhandGauntletSpiritWarrior Demon Grasp Offhand UIPower6() UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility18(+2,+2)
HeadSpiritWarrior Honshu Warrior Mask Head UIPower6() UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility18(+2,+2)
BodySpiritWarrior Spiritwalker Body UIPower6() UIStamina6(+2,+2) UIAgility18(+2,+2)
Show/Hide Witch set
MainhandStaffWitchHunter Witch Hunter* Staff UIPower14(+13,+12,+11) UIStamina12(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility14(-1,+1,+1)
OffhandPotionWitchHunter Mana Reserve* Offhand UIPower14(+13,+12,+11) UIStamina12(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility14(-1,+1,+1)
HeadWitchHunter Oberon's Hat* Head UIPower14(+13,+12,+11) UIStamina12(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility14(-1,+1,+1)
BodyWitchHunter Wicked Demise* Body UIPower14(+13,+12,+11) UIStamina12(+1,+1,+1) UIAgility14(-1,+1,+1)

Shop Edit

Show/Hide Brotherhood set
MainhandDaggerWhiteAssassin Shank Sword UIPower9 UIStamina9 UIAgility9
OffhandDaggerWhiteAssassin Ripper Offhand UIPower9 UIStamina9 UIAgility9
HeadWhiteAssassin Brotherhood Mask Head UIPower9 UIStamina9 UIAgility9
BodyWhiteAssassin Brotherhood Shroud Body UIPower9 UIStamina9 UIAgility9
Show/Hide Nordic set
MainhandAxeNordic Ancient Ravager Ancient Ravager UIPowerAxe(13) UIStamina14(+3) UIAgility13(+3)
OffhandShieldNordic Nordic Bulwark Offhand UIPower14(+3) UIStamina13(+3) UIAgility13(+4)
HeadNordic Horned Greathelm Head UIPower14(+3) UIStamina13(+3) UIAgility13(+4)
BodyNordic Gotland Cuirass Body UIPower14(+3) UIStamina13(+3) UIAgility13(+4)
Show/Hide Haile's set
MainhandCrossbowSteampunk Auto Arrow Oscillator Crossbow UIPower18(+5,+4) UIStamina17(+5,+4) UIAgility18(+4,+5)
OffhandGauntletSteampunk Robotic Assit Arm Offhand UIPower18(+5,+4) UIStamina17(+5,+4) UIAgility18(+4,+5)
HeadSteampunk Haile's Cap Head UIPower18(+5,+4) UIStamina17(+5,+4) UIAgility18(+4,+5)
BodySteampunk Haile's Coat Body UIPower18(+5,+4) UIStamina17(+5,+4) UIAgility18(+4,+5)


Rexie's PlateauEdit

Familiars unique to Rexie's Plateau:

  • Terra
  • Uggs
  • Roy
  • Rexie (boss)
Terra's favorite pastime is to soar above the clouds during the sunset.
Terra UIPower 17% Attack (0SP) Sap (1SP)
UIStamina 19% Damage closest Drain closest
UIAgility 24% 90-110% 60-90%
Ugg stabs. Uggs crush. Uggs win.
Uggs UIPower 30% Attack (0SP) Boulder Toss (1SP)
UIStamina 14% Damage closest Damage closest
UIAgility 16% 90-110% 126-189%
Roy's always win dino wrangling at the dino rodeo.
Roy UIPower 16.3% Attack (0SP) Dino Slam (1SP) Bite (2SP)
UIStamina 35% Damage closest Damage target Drain closest
UIAgility 18.7% 90-110% 101-153% 70-130%
Rexie is always crazy hungry. Be careful or she might mistake you for dinner.
Rexie UIPower 44% Attack (0SP) Intimidate (1SP) Inspire (1SP) Furious Scratch (2SP)
UIStamina 18% Damage closest Damage all Spread heal Damage Closest
UIAgility 18% 90-110% 48-72% 72-108% 168-252%

Warty's CorridorEdit

Familiars unique to Warty's Corridor:

  • Saerebrum
  • Sammy
  • Patches
  • Warty (boss)
One brain, lots of arms. And an uncanny ability to read minds.
Saerebrum UIPower 22% Attack (0SP) Pummel (2SP)
UIStamina 28% Damage closest Damage closest
UIAgility 10% 90-110% 168-252%
The venom from a Sammy is often used as a sleep aide.
Sammy UIPower 23% Attack (0SP) Venom Spit (1SP)
UIStamina 18% Damage closest Damage furthest
UIAgility 19% 90-110% 115-214%
A scrappy rat who thrives in dark grimy places.
Patches UIPower 32.7% Attack (0SP) Belly Flop (1SP) Shred (1SP)
UIStamina 11.7% Damage closest Damage target Damage closest
UIAgility 25.6% 90-110% 89-165% 110-204%
Be wary, the warts are very contagious.
Warty UIPower 20% Attack (0SP) Taste (1SP) Slam (2SP) Quake (3SP)
UIStamina 22% Damage closest Drain closest Damage target Damage all
UIAgility 38% 90-110% 45-105% 102-238% 60-140%

Kov'alg PitEdit

Familiars unique to Kov'alg Pit:

  • Golum
  • Zorg
  • Staeus
  • Kov'alg (boss)
Large ears help these little guys hear danger from far away.
Golum UIPower 20% Attack (0SP) Leap Attack (2SP)
UIStamina 10% Damage closest Damage target
UIAgility 30% 90-110% 136-204%
A monstrous beast of a dog, Zorgs have a deadly bite.
Zorg UIPower 28% Attack (0SP) Crush (1SP) Devour (1SP)
UIStamina 30.3% Damage closest Damage closest Drain closest
UIAgility 11.7% 90-110% 94-220% 45-105%
Hooded and cloaked, no one has ever seen the face of a Staeus.
Staeus UIPower 25.7% Attack (0SP) Snipe (1SP) Pinpoint (2SP)
UIStamina 16.3% Damage closest Damage furthest Damage target
UIAgility 28% 90-110% 115-214% 119-221%
Mistress of darkness, her gaze can seduce all.
Kov'alg UIPower 33% Attack (0SP) Skewer (1SP) Impale (1SP) Dark Eruption (2SP)
UIStamina 16% Damage closest Damage closest 2 Damage target Damage All
UIAgility 31% 90-110% 78-116% 76-178% 48-112%

Boss Dialogue Edit

Conversations between you and each boss the first time you meet:[2]

Z4F1(Zone 4, Flag 1)
Roy: Ooga chaka ooga chaka.
Player: ...
Roy: Jugga wugga ooga chaka!
Player: ...

Terra: KA KAW!!

Z4D1(Zone 4, Dungeon 1)
Rexie: Oh dear, I've never had my meal approach me before.
Player: ...
Rexie: Come a little closer my tasty friend!

Saerebrum: MYYAAHHHH! Cool lookin' gear you got there! Where'd you get it?
Player: ...
Saerebrum: Not gonna tell me eh? After I give you the smackdown you'll have to tell me!
Player: ...

Warty: *ribbit* wanna hear a joke?
Player: ...
Warty: Why didn't the bit hero cross my sewers?
Player: ...

Zorg: Oh! A ball! Oh boy, oh boy a ball! I have just met you and I love you!
Player: ...
Zorg: You won't throw the ball?... *growls* I have just met you... and now I'll EAT YOU.

Kov'alg: Mmmmm. What might we have here? A new little hero? You are an adorable one.
Player: ...
Kov'alg: Come closer my dear, I want to get a good look at you.


  1. Bonevale becomes available when the player has cleared the first three dungeons on Heroic difficulty.
  2. If you switch platforms (e.g. from mobile to PC) you will see the dialog again at the first boss meeting.
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